I VOTE Nation

This project was to rebuild and redesign the website for I VOTE Nation, a non-profit organization working to encourage young people to make their voices heard through their votes. The organization uses Hollywood-caliber videos to promote various causes and encourage millennials to find enjoyment in the political process.


The site was once a functional operational product, however the pro-democracy site was targeted by hackers and the organization had to start from scratch. The original intention of the website was to showcase the material they produced, attract donors, and — most importantly — house their new digital initiative: the voter guide by millennials for millennials.


Although our our client had requested a comprehensive voter guide, we discovered through user research and interviews that the best use of our time and energy was, along with rebuilding the website, creating a notification tool to keep young voters up-to-date with election information and voting information. Ideally the notifications will be customizable and include information ranging from federal elections to statewide and local/district elections.


Task Analysis and User Research

Initially our team spent a good chunk of time getting to know our stakeholders. As we were working with a non-profit company with an admirable mission, we wanted to be completely certain that we understood the organization and it's goals before forging ahead. We also began researching I VOTE's user base to gain insight into their needs and how to create a product for I VOTE Nation that would serve both the organization and its users.

Running the Gamut

Additionally, as our client was new to the UX process, we wanted to give them a positive experience and peace of mind that they had made a wise decision to invest their time in UX. Therefore, we were determined to be as thorough as possible. Our process included:

  • "Why, How, What" model
  • Brand Identity Prism
  • Competitive/Comparative Analysis
  • Word Cloud Comparison
  • Empathy Map
  • Quantitive Survey
  • User Interviews at Santa Monica College
  • User Flow
  • Persona and Scenario
  • Mood boards with client


Once we had a thorough understanding of our client's needs and the needs of their users, we jumped in to creating our deliverables. We began in Balsamiq to give our client a basic view of how our research translated into a viable product. As we built out the design, we decided to A/B test two different layouts.


This was the original design that came out of a mood boarding/design studio exercise we conducted with our stakeholder. Initially we were focusing on building out this layout only.


As is quite common in the iterating process, inspiration struck while looking for food (ok maybe this is common only for me). While in search of the menu for a nearby restaurant, we thought the restaurant's website layout was clean, beautiful, and could work well for our client's needs. This is the layout that tested well with users and that our client ultimately liked best.


Because our client needed to go forward with fundraising in order to actually build out any prototype we delivered, we decided to create a high-fidelity prototype in Axure. We wanted it to be as beautiful and as functional as possible to appeal to donors who could help our client turn the prototype into their fully developed website.

(Click image to view prototype.)

Next Steps

Our client was extremely happy with our final prototype. The I VOTE team is currently in the process of planning and fundraising to build the website for the 2016 election cycle. Our team was also excited about our work, however we did make note of the next steps for our client to take:

  • Build out functions including the notifications emails, search functionality, and voter guides
  • Include responsive or adaptive capability for optimal viewing
  • Create a user accounts system to allow users to save notifications and voter guide preferences
  • Possibly build a native application for iOS and Android to function with user accounts
  • Include analytics tools to measure KPIs such as video views, video shares, and voter registrations
  • Continue consistently with the brand indentity we created together with our client