Being Mary Jane

This project began as an assignment and grew into a personal design exercise. I wanted to explore different UX tools, specifically Sketch and Axure, so after the assignment had been completed, I continued to develop the initial medium fidelity prototype to create one that was more high fidelity and functional.


Design a mobile app for a specific user and his or her favorite television show. Taking into account your user's needs and goals, create a solution for these needs using rapid prototyping methods and tools.


User Research

The first step in the process is, as always, to get to know your user as well as how he or she will use your solution. For this assignment, my client was Caitlin. Through user interviews, I created my persona around her.

Name: Caitlin Adler
Age: 33
Location: Los Angeles
Occupation: Restaurant designer • Pastry chef
Hobbies: Finding unique items at flea markets • driving down PCH • watching her favorite TV show, BET's Being Mary Jane
Needs: An easier way to view short video clips of recent episodes from the show • A simple way of sharing these videos clips to convince her friends that this show is awesome • Timely reminders of upcoming airings
Pain points: Because Caitlin is not necessarily in BET's target audience, she doesn't see much advertising for the show and misses information that helps her stay up-to-date on her favorite show


Caitlin browses Netflix to wind down from a rigorous game of fetch she has just played with her cat, Rose. (Yes, her cat plays fetch.) She goes through old episodes of one of her favorite TV shows Being Mary Jane from BET.

Curious about when the new season will start, Caitlin grabs her iPhone for a quick Google search. She is excited to find that she's just in time for the beginning of Season 3.

Caitlin often tells her friends to watch the show, but she hasn't been able to round up any buddies for a Being Mary Jane viewing party just yet...


As this was a exercise in rapid prototyping, my go-to tool was Balsamiq. Its easy-to-use interface and beginner-proof tools allowed me to quickly throw together wireframes and create a simple, clickable prototype in two days.


Once the project had been completed, I decided to play around further with various UX tools to see how I could create a hi-fi prototype worthy of BET's hit show.

Prototype Coming Soon