Hi, I'm Vicki.

I am a UX Designer based in Los Angeles. I live for beautifully clean, user-centered, functional design.

Being Mary Jane

What began as a class assignment, grew into a personal design exercise. As a beginner, I wanted to explore different UX tools and develop my hard skills while having a bit of fun.

Performance Bicycle

E-commerce is a key element of a user's online experience. This project was about executing a full 2-week design process while applying fundamental UX skills to improve Performance Bicycle's e-commerce website.

Intrepid Travel

Working in a team with three other UX designers, we were tasked with finding a way to attract an older demographic with this a more comfortable style or travel for Intrepid Travel.

I VOTE Nation

Our final project was to rebuild and redesign the website for I VOTE Nation, a non-profit organization working to encourage young people to make their voices heard through their votes.


Often companies turn to designers to create solutions for consumers that they can sell. Design, however, can utilized for much more than that, and idea we explored with this project: an app to tackle social issues.

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